My Big Life Change!

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To transform my life, with God's help of course, one step at a time.

1. Get healthy & honor God with my body

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2.Become at least 50% sustainable with emphasis on doing our part to take care of God's planet.

3. Live life as an adventure, experiencing new places, things & people.
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4. Become debt free & build security for my family, so we can then bless others financially also.

5. Continue to grow closer to God, building My family's faith & sharing the Gospel with those we meet, by using the talents and gifts God has provided us.

6.Continue to make money by creating and sharing my thoughts and beliefs through artistic expression: all the while hoping that my art will impact others. "Holly Kennedy

: All I know is, if you don't figure out this something, you'll just stay ordinary, and it doesn't matter if it's a work of art, or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something... new, and there it is, and it's you, out in the world, outside of you, and you can look at it, or hear it, or read it, or feel it... and you know a little more about... you. A little bit more than anyone else does... Does that make any sense at all?" Quote from PS I LOVE YOU

Monday, December 19, 2011

12 year anniversary!

Today I celebrate my 12 years anniversary with my husband. I wanted to dedicate a post just to him. So here it goes.

When John and I stood up in front of God and our family and friends to take that first kiss as husband and wife, I whispered something to him. Two little words: No tongue!!! To this day he will not let me live that moment down. My hubby is a jokester! His way of getting attention or calming down a situation is to make a joke. I am mrs. serious and I hate having attention drawn to me especially if it is a crowd of people. John loves attention and being the center of it. He naturally draws the attention of the room.

Being complete opposites really has been a challenge sometimes. We have had to compromise on about every decision we have made together because naturally we choose different sides of the spectrum. But it has also been an amazing gift. John makes me see the world in a different way. He has amazing faith in me that I could never have in myself. He likes things to be just so and I like to go with the flow. But he is very open to risks and new things and can be very spontaneous if he wants to be. I am more of a "lets not change things if it ain't broke" kinda girl. I am allergic to adrenaline according to him and he is right. He is one of the major reasons I decided to do an adventure list. John has always had the ability to bounce back from a tough situation and he works so hard and believes in the power of working hard. I am very lazy. I will wait till the last minute to do the things I don't want to do, John would rather get it over with. He challenges me to be a better person.

 If John and I were types of candy, I would be the soft chewy caramel and he would be a blow pop! Hard on the outside but once you got to the middle you found the good sweet stuff. His life has been hard and so he tends to be hard to get to like, but if you take the time to know him, you know that he would do anything for you. Most of my immediate family has lived with us and that would be too much for some husbands. In fact out of the 12 years we have been married maybe 3 or 4 of those we have actually lived alone. John not only put up with my family living with us but suggested it when someone needed a place to stay. He has such a big heart.

Seeing John as a dad has been the single most amazing gift of our marriage. As where I was a shoo-in to be a great mom, I think most people doubted John's ability to be a great dad. And I have to say that he truly far exceeds me in the great parent award! He is so patient with Joslyn, where in I tend to be short on patience with her. He is fun and interactive and gives her lots of his undivided attention. Anytime I am overwhelmed with life living with a toddler, he has the ability to help me face another day.

 I am so grateful that I don't have to do this thing called life alone. I truly believe that God designed us to be together. We compliment each other and stand up for each other. One thing we always said was that divorce was not an option and we stick to that like glue. Any problem arises we deal with it together. I am not the easiest person to live with and neither is he. But everyday we seem to handle issues a little bit better and we have a little more respect for each other. I love him so much!

 Thank you John for loving me, and I love you so much more everyday.


  1. Beautiful! You guys make a wonderful pair. I'm so proud Paul and I can call you both our friends. We miss you, Brown and John!

  2. We miss you too Abby and Paul! I hope that Oklahoma is in your 48 state road trip!