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To transform my life, with God's help of course, one step at a time.

1. Get healthy & honor God with my body

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2.Become at least 50% sustainable with emphasis on doing our part to take care of God's planet.

3. Live life as an adventure, experiencing new places, things & people.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A beautiful picture of the Church!

My hubby likes to joke about the 3 churches I go to. Is it A, B or C church today? I have been contemplating this post for awhile. Praying that the message I have been given is said through God's words not mine. Life is more than your church. You are designed to be a missionary. Not a Baptist Church pew sitter. Or a Church of God chair seater. ETC ETC! When we moved back the city, the message God gave me was very confusing. Keep moving forward. I specifically prayed on whether or not to go back to the church that loved me for 13 years. The church that nurtured me and fed me and helped me grow in God. But God said no. I was confused because I was concerned about hurting the church's feelings and the people I had grown to love. I was worried that they would no longer love me if I left. I was concerned about how they would see me from the outside. And now I am in a simular position. Getting nudges from God about a plan much bigger than me and my church. How will I be percieved? What will they say? What is the purpose? It's not about me. That's it! The Message for me is it's not about me. It's not about the church I go to. It's not about the friends I have and how they think of me. It's not about me or them or you! It's about God. My whole purpose is designed to glorify Him. The only one worthy of my praise. So my hurt feelings and my popularity is not important. If I am to be stoned then I am to be stoned. If I am to be jailed then I am to do it with a joyful heart. I am surrounded by people whose main focus is themselves. They do what they think will please God but their focus is on themselves and their family first. Churches out there that look to themselves to fullfill their needs instead of looking to the whole body as a whole.Well I am here to tell you that there is no church if we aren't apart of The Church and the Body. To deny the needs of the others outside is to deny God.
I am learning that the reason I go to 3 churches is because God is stirring up a desire in me to bring churches together. I am in love with the programs that God has designed to bring churches together for one goal. And that is to reach people for Christ! That is it! Celebrate Recovery that I praise every week, defies most laws and boundaries set aside from churches because it opens the doors to scary people. People who admit they have problems. People who live in the real scary world and deal with real problems and don't hide behind false fascades. To open your doors to the world, I by this I mean not just letting them in, but loving them and accepting them for who they are, as they are right now, could only have been designed by God. Because this world is full of judges and accusers instead of Godly people who are like Christ. Those that are forgivers and humble and love the least of these. This is what Christ did! He didn't sit in a church week to week and secretly judge the tax collectors and the sinners and try and win them over to his side. He ate with them, loved them and spoke truth to them.
And BSF is another program that brings churches together. Over 40 different denominations are represented in the ladies that fill the pews on Wednesday morning. Over 200 ladies that are there to grow and learn God's Word. Not so that they can hoard it and keep it to themselves, but so that they can share it! God has designed us to share our Good News! How we do that is up to God and us.
But what really breaks my heart is those churches that have the Good News and only share it with their congregation. Those that feel their version is a little bit better than the other guys. No wonder the Christian name is being mocked. Hypocrites! Selfish! Judgemental! If we can't even get along with our fellow believers, then how are we to share the Good News to the outside? If we can't stop talking about the church across the street and how they are wrong in their methods of teaching. If we can't reach out to help that church across the street that can barely keep their light bills paid. If we can't pray for the other pastors that are delivering God's Messages. Then who are we? Are we the body of Christ?
I don't know why God is bringing me this message. I know I am not worthy of it. I am a sinner who constantly does what I want and not what God wants. I am just a person that is still seeking who I am in Christ. I struggle daily with the feelings and pupose He has for me. But He has shown me a beautiful sight. He has shown me a picture of Christ's hands and feet and legs and arms working together to help our community. I saw a group of 100 or more churches working together to feed, clothe and minister to the community right here in Oklahoma. I saw talents of every kind being utilized and churches from completely different denominations working side by side. Laughing and sharing stories and getting outside of their comfort zone to do the work of God. I was given a gift. And I hope that someday I see it come true. Thank you Lord for this gift! Help me Lord to see where you are leading me with this picture you have given me. Help me to seek you and your plan in all I do. Help me to stay focused on your big plan and not the plans of the day. Help me Lord to be your hands and feet to the community. Thank you Lord for what you have done for me and everyone else out there.
Thank You Lord!


  1. AMEN sista! So refreshing to see someone who gets it... Or rather, gets HIM. ;0

  2. Ok now, that was good!! Really sez what Christ is all about. Lord, help us all to see what YOUR desire. Good job, T. I'm glad you wrote this. Thx.

    1. Thanks for supporting me in my vulnerability

  3. Could. Not. Agree. More. Great post!

  4. This is a wonderful post, and full of so much truth! :)

  5. yes...God is good. all the time. Our purpose is to glorify Him...

  6. Awesome post, Brown! I like that you took a chance and wrote this. You are right. Worship is about praising God, not about making people happy. Sometimes you say just what I need to hear!