My Big Life Change!

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To transform my life, with God's help of course, one step at a time.

1. Get healthy & honor God with my body

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2.Become at least 50% sustainable with emphasis on doing our part to take care of God's planet.

3. Live life as an adventure, experiencing new places, things & people.
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4. Become debt free & build security for my family, so we can then bless others financially also.

5. Continue to grow closer to God, building My family's faith & sharing the Gospel with those we meet, by using the talents and gifts God has provided us.

6.Continue to make money by creating and sharing my thoughts and beliefs through artistic expression: all the while hoping that my art will impact others. "Holly Kennedy

: All I know is, if you don't figure out this something, you'll just stay ordinary, and it doesn't matter if it's a work of art, or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something... new, and there it is, and it's you, out in the world, outside of you, and you can look at it, or hear it, or read it, or feel it... and you know a little more about... you. A little bit more than anyone else does... Does that make any sense at all?" Quote from PS I LOVE YOU

Monday, January 24, 2011


 Last week John was sick and stayed at home from work. John never plays hookie. He rarely stays home when he is sick. Since it was Wednesday and I had a vehicle, I decided to finally take those 4 boxes of old sippycups, clothes, and baby stuff down to my favorite charity. I happened to facebook the lady who runs it and found out that they weren't open. Well I must admit I was very dissappointed. Since my car has been in the shop for over a month now and we were waiting on the money to fix it, I rarely have access to a car. I have been stuck in the house for a while. So, not being able to get that junk out of my house, when I had a car, upset me. So there are 4 boxes on my table still waiting to go to their new home. This morning, after a 20 minute search, I could not find her straw cup. So I dig out the spare and filled that one. 30 minutes ago I spent 20 minutes again, now looking for the second cup. I don't know how she did it, but both of them are missing. I am sure that tomorrow they will creep back up in plain sight, but I cannot find them. So freaking out I am trying to figure how I am going to get milk into my very thirsty daughter and I happen to look at the table. There was a box full of sippy cups. If I had taken all of those cups to donation, I would still be wondering how to get milk down my daughters throat, or worse, feeding her from a regular cup (can you say disaster).

This makes me think of the many inconvienences that go on each day, that undoubtably happen for a reason. How many times has God saved us from a disaster by putting a boulder or storm in our way? In Celebrate Recovery, we hear all the time from people that say them going to jail was what saved their life. Waiting on the Lord can mean five minutes or a lifetime. Sometimes its easier to give over big things to God, but not little ones. After all, its about control. We something is overwhelming or too big for us, we tend to finally give God the reins. But, when we are waiting on a job or are looking for our keys we assume that we are on our own. Since God the father of all universe can command the Earth into existance, I think he can handle my little problem. I know that when I surrender that one thing to Him, he will give me peace that surpasses all understanding. I don't know about you, but that sounds good to me. I heard a story about a lady who prayed before she hung a picture on a wall. Her neighbor saw her doing this and laughed. "Why are you doing that?", he asked. "God doesn't care about where you hang your pictures?" She calmly replied. "Well when I used to decorate the house, I would get very stressed out. I couldn't decide what color to paint or where to hang a picture. I would drive everyone around me crazy and finally be so worn out that I would never get anything done. If I did make a decision, I would wonder everyday if I should have done something else. Finally, I realized that this was something that I couldn't do on my own. So everytime I need to decorate, I pray about it. I hang the picture and move on."  Now that's PEACE! Can you imagine how much time we waste worrying? God is waiting on us to give it over to Him, so he can solve the problem in His way and His time. SO next time I am fretting about something and worrying, I hope that you will help me remember that God has the answer in the box on the table.


  1. "God is waiting on us to give it over to Him, so he can solve the problem in His way and His time."

    I needed to hear this. I trust God, so why haven't I trusted him with my problems. I need to and your blog here helped remind me of that.

    "SO next time I am fretting about something and worrying, I hope that you will help me remember that God has the answer in the box on the table."

    I'll help you remember if you help me. :)

  2. Of course I will help you Beth, thanks for helping me. I have to say this out loud that you have made my day. I can't believe that we get to be related. I am so honored!