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To transform my life, with God's help of course, one step at a time.

1. Get healthy & honor God with my body

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2.Become at least 50% sustainable with emphasis on doing our part to take care of God's planet.

3. Live life as an adventure, experiencing new places, things & people.
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4. Become debt free & build security for my family, so we can then bless others financially also.

5. Continue to grow closer to God, building My family's faith & sharing the Gospel with those we meet, by using the talents and gifts God has provided us.

6.Continue to make money by creating and sharing my thoughts and beliefs through artistic expression: all the while hoping that my art will impact others. "Holly Kennedy

: All I know is, if you don't figure out this something, you'll just stay ordinary, and it doesn't matter if it's a work of art, or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something... new, and there it is, and it's you, out in the world, outside of you, and you can look at it, or hear it, or read it, or feel it... and you know a little more about... you. A little bit more than anyone else does... Does that make any sense at all?" Quote from PS I LOVE YOU

Monday, February 28, 2011

to Stand and Deliver

So, another adventure down, and boy was this one a doozy. Lol! I have never been one to watch horror or scary films at all. When I was a teenager and very susceptible to peer pressure; I got talked into watching Arachnaphobia. Well the result of that endevor is a never ending fear of spiders that haunts me in my sleep and in the day. I also watched a Watcher in the Woods and I still jump at rustling leaves. Truthfully, I have always been a little wierd. I know that this is a shocker to some people. Quit laughing! I never understood why I was never like my friends and couldn't go to scary movies and laugh about them later. Or go through a haunted house. I remember around Halloween every year mom's christian radio channel would do a halloween show. And the radio host would take calls from satanist and people who said they were devils or vampires and goblins. It was so scary I would want to hide for days. I didn't even want to hear about the fake versions much less the real versions. It freightened me to no end to think that animal and human sacrifices were going on these days. When we would study the salem witch trials I would cry. I hated any form of abuse or violence or even racial movies or books. Because in my little world, none of that existed.

My best friend calls me an escapist. In other words, I like to escape into movies, books, or video games that help me block the real pain and heartache in this world. I know this to be true. I also know that deep down I have a secret ability. You see when some one reads a book about evil and villians, they usually can move on. I can't. I can't explain it, all I know is that spiritual warfare is real and it is everywhere. And when I watch scary movies or evil movies I feel it.

You know the story Harry Potter? Well the first 3 books were fabulous. They were enjoyable and fun. I devoured them in hours. But the more I read, the harder the books got. By the 6th book, I was picking it up only to get through to the wonderful ending I knew just had to make it worth it. It took me a year to buy the 7th book and a month to read it. Why? Because I can see the evil a little more cleary then I should. I feel evil in books and movies that people think are funny. Mouse Hunt, is a prime example. Its a kid's movie, but there is an underlying evil that made that movie an awful experience for me.

So on to the adventure. I told John that I would let him pick out a scary movie and I would watch it with him. My adventure list is about moving past my fears. So when he picked out the movie I thought I would die. It was Steven King's The Stand. Only John would think of a 6 hour scary movie. We happened to have the movie. So yesterday we sat down to watch this movie and I was surprised. After all I expected something really scary, being Steven King. But it was good. Don't get em wrong, I wouldn't watch it again. There were tons of 80's stars in it and the acting wasn't completely awful. The biggest surprise was it was kind of about Revelations. Good verses Evil! Yet still that should of scared me. I am terrified of Revelations. I know we win in the end, but I am still so scared of the details. So to watch a movie based on this should have been ultra scary. But I wasn't! I went into the movie ready for battle and was able to see a lot of the good parts of the movie.

In short it's kind of like life for me. I am super scared of many things, especially the unknown. But if I go in armed with God backing me up I know that it is going to be great. So many of these things on my list are scary to me; but I know that God is going to use this for his Glory, and that makes it all worth it. Great job honey, on picking a movie! 


  1. I scare easily as well. Your brother thinks it's funny to quietly walk around the corner in our house when I think he is somewhere else, just to scare me. He better watch out. The only time I ever went into a "haunted house", I punched someone who jumped out at me in the face. No joke.

    But that about Revelation? I completely agree. Our Sunday school class was studying it a few months back and I, never have read that part of the Bible before, decided to do that week's reading before bed. Can you say nightmares?

  2. Yeah, I know all about the nightmares! Did you guys just read Revelations or are you using a book study? I need a good Bible study for Revelations.

  3. Oh my goodness lol Arachnaphobia is scary, and Watcher in the Woods! AH! I remember watching that one time at church camp. Scared me to death!!! I remember when I was younger having a lesson over Revelations...I dont remember much about it now except that the guy always said "this too shall pass" lol. Thanks for visiting my blog :D

  4. thanks for visiting my blog Miranda! I am always excited when I find a blog that is meant for me. I can't wait to read more!

  5. I have not read The Stand. Scary, right? Eeks!! I love how you're listing your goals. Fabulous!

  6. to - I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be while watching the Stand, though I have to admit that I am probably not going to watch it again. I mean 6 hours, give me a break. I wouldn't even watch titanic because it was 3 hours long. Thanks! I am learning my goals are just the starting point.

  7. We just read it and then discussed it. Our Sunday School leader/teacher is actually a student at Gordon Conwell (, a local seminary, so we get pretty in depth conversations. T likes it, but it's way over my head sometimes.