My Big Life Change!

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To transform my life, with God's help of course, one step at a time.

1. Get healthy & honor God with my body

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2.Become at least 50% sustainable with emphasis on doing our part to take care of God's planet.

3. Live life as an adventure, experiencing new places, things & people.
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4. Become debt free & build security for my family, so we can then bless others financially also.

5. Continue to grow closer to God, building My family's faith & sharing the Gospel with those we meet, by using the talents and gifts God has provided us.

6.Continue to make money by creating and sharing my thoughts and beliefs through artistic expression: all the while hoping that my art will impact others. "Holly Kennedy

: All I know is, if you don't figure out this something, you'll just stay ordinary, and it doesn't matter if it's a work of art, or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something... new, and there it is, and it's you, out in the world, outside of you, and you can look at it, or hear it, or read it, or feel it... and you know a little more about... you. A little bit more than anyone else does... Does that make any sense at all?" Quote from PS I LOVE YOU

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There's no business like snow business!

So Feb 1st, 2011 it arrived! The Oklahoma blizzard! I have to laugh when I hear the word blizzard because I know that this was not a blizzard. But for our sake it was the worst snow storm OK has seen since Christmas Eve 2009. That was the day after we brought our precious new baby home from the hospital. A day that was all together frightening and wonderful. I remember sitting at home with my baby and husband and 3 cocker spaniels, oh and my dad was around too; when we got the call from my sister. She was stranded at work ( Panera Bread) right down the street and wondering if she could spend a few days with us. My heart sighed at the news! My sister, was the closest thing to mom of the year I knew and as tired as I was I needed her there. Now I know that my husband and father were there, but it could never match having my sister there. She has always been there for me emotionally and physically. She is a short thing but yet has the ability to kick anyone's derrière if needed (even mine). When she arrived, she held Joslyn and she would stop crying. Suddenly giving Joslyn her first bath wasn't as scary anymore. And when I needed companionship, she knew how to give it. I am so lucky to have my sister! Now over a year later I am snowed in inside a different house with a toddler instead of an infant and I am finding myself wishing she was here. I live too far away from her work now and even if she got stranded I know she couldn't come, but I will always remember the love and help she sent my way that couple of days. Some times God gives us exactly who we need when we need it. Who would you like to be stranded in a snow storm with?


  1. Lovely essay, Sweetie. Enjoyed it very much. So glad to see even more joy coming into your sister's life.

    If stuck in a blizzard, I choose you, of course. We always knew how to have boatloads of fun on a non-existent budget. XOXO!

  2. My friend above all others, you inspire me, lift me up, hold me tight, complete my sentences, make me laugh, and just make me better by being in your presence. Who needs money when we have each other to entertain.