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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life with two kids

Oh my! Well I know that I am well over due with a post and I am very sorry about that. Life with two kids has kind of been an adjustment. Okay, its knocked me off my feet. And I have had help for the last two weeks. So the biggest test is tomorrow, when daddy goes back to work and momma starts drinking. Just kidding about that last part. My mom stayed for a week with us and I was ever so grateful to have her here. So many moments when she held the baby or entertained Joslyn, I was thinking how can I do both? I have maybe had 2 nights alone to myself with the kiddos and both have been disasters. Joslyn threw up all over the place in one of them and brother peed and spit up on me and the bed on the other. But to the credit of all my CR training, I keep chanting ONE MOMENT AT A TIME, over and over. And so far everyone has survived. We hope to start going to one or two of our normal weekly church events next week. Let's hope that we will make it on time, with all of our clothes on,(hopefully minus the spit up), and with all the things we need( like bottles, diapers and cups). All of those I have forgotten at some point this last week.
So to update you on life with two for us.

JOSLYN has been great with her little brother. She loves to hold him and hold his bottle. She also loves to climb in his bouncer and play with his stuff, unpack his diaper bag and run off with his toys. Josyln has had quite a bit of attitude problems though and has been extra clingy. We expected this though and we are trying to deal accordingly.

JAXON is doing really well. He is a fairly laid back baby and sleeps a lot. We did have a big concern about his weight gain. He was losing weight on breast milk and a little formula so we have moved to mostly formula. I have tried to pump to increase my milk supply. But we have decided that really for our family it will be much better to go strictly formula. He does much better and we save so much time. And time is something that we don't have much of!

MOMMA is doing well, I mean physically anyways. Mentally, the verdict is still out. I lost 25lbs with baby and breast feeding. I will be sad to lose that bf benefit. But I will be very excited to sleep without leaking or having to wear a bra to bed. Also, I got a good report from my post checkup. With the trouble I had with this c-section I am surprised at the way I am moving around. I am extremely glad that I got my tubes tied and that I will never have to go through that surgery again.

So that is all for now and I will leave you with some parting pics of my mom's recent visit.

Mom with Lucian, Jaxon and Joslyn
So seriously cute!!!!
Playing with Nana!
holding brother!
Auntie and Lucian with baby Jax!
We love the bouncy seat! It is the only way momma gets a bathroom break!


  1. oh what beautiful photos!! congrats congrats!! I think for us 2 kids was the hardest adjustment we had to make..I was overwhelmed at first..but somehow figured things out and we survived and will too!! good luck today!!!

  2. Such a precious family! Congratulations! Your baby is so sweet. So glad to hear you are doing well also! Prayers for a smooth transition into the days ahead. ~ jen

  3. This was is going to be a great adventure for the four of us. Joslyn will be a great sister, we have to remember that she is just feeling like he is getting all the attention.

  4. Congrats. He is just ADORABLE!!! You're right. Cheered me right up, but thanks, I am feeling better. My boys were 17 months apart. Both were still in diapers. I thought we would all never adjust, but we did. Now they are both grown and it seems like just yesterday they were small. Time really does fly.

  5. oh yeah those bouncy seats were genius!--so glad you are all doing well---yeah, you survived the throw-up and spit-up---that's one of the worst moments probably!--the baby is gorgeous!! sounds like you still have your sense of humor, which will get you through a lot!!--take good care and God bless your dear family <3

  6. Hi there! I'm excited to be your newest follower! I was hoping you'd hop on by my blog and return the favor!


  7. Brown, John is right! This'll be a great adventure, and your family is strong, and so are you. God's on your side, and always remember: Take one moment at a time. You're on the right track. I'm proud of you, and praying for this time until the swing of things is second nature. :)

  8. Dropped in to check on you... and glad you all are surviving "One Moment" at at time! What a great reminder! *Hugs*

    1. Thank you! We are surviving. Hope you are well also!

  9. Replies
    1. Yes, promise to be up soon. Learning how to handle things a little at a time.