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Monday, May 21, 2012

18 weeks

18 weeks preggo!

Hey guys! So an update on my pregnancy. Most of you will be happy to know that I am finally feeling better! I still am having trouble with low energy, but it is much better. Now if I get motivated to do something I can do it. LOL, I just don't get motivated often. But I thought that I would update you on what is going on with me and baby.

Baby J2 is about the size of a bell pepper now!

We are slowly collecting some of the things we need, thanks to great friends. This week we recieved a  used infant car seat and base from a friend and 2 weeks ago we recieved a brand new car seat and base from my sweet brother and sis-in-law.  SO now we are set for both vehicles. I also have a playdate this Thursday with a brand new great friend, who is going to give me lots of her old baby stuff. She says that she has a bumbo, a boppy, a bouncer, a baby bathtub. So with that stuff I am starting to collect many of the things I need. What I know we will need is crib and bassenet sheets, and clothes and diapers of course. But most of those things require us knowing the sex of the child.

Speaking of sex, giggle, we get lots of questions about when we will find out what we are having. My doctor's appt is this Thursday and then after this appt we get to schedule the ultrasound. Hopefully, this baby will be much more cooperative than Joslyn was at this appointment. It took the lady almost 40 minutes to try and get Jos to show her stuff, but she was too shy. So the lady took a guess and luckily she guessed right. I wonder what happened to my shy girl, she loves to be naked now!

So my appointment this Thursday I am so ready for, but I am really nervous. First of all I am really sure that I have gained lots of weight since my last appt. So I am nervous about getting yelled at. Secondly, I have so many questions for my doctor, I am afraid I will forget them all. I have written them down, but I got to remember my list and my memory isn't exactly at it's best right now. Some of these questions are...
1. Will I be allowed to travel to California by plane this August for Summit?
2. What hospital do you deliver at?
3. Do you tie tubes?
I also have to ask how to get a slip for WIC, because I am really hoping that we will qualify for some help this time around.

So mostly I am feeling good, but I am having some belly pains, high blood pressure and random trouble sleeping. I still have a little sinus drainage, but it is primarily cleared up. I am trying to get better about remembering to take my prenatal vitamins. I am so bad about remembering to take pills.

Making room is something that has been a daunting task for me. Because I haven't had energy I would just stare at the things that needed to be moved and complain. But now I have started to figure out a few things. I am not sure if we are going to put up a crib yet. The plan is to be able to fit a crib and Our huge bookshelf and a twinsize bed in the room. I don't know if it will fit, but I have decided to take out Joslyn's desk, and use her dresser as a changer. Hopefully my sweet stubborn little girl will be potty trained before baby comes so that I don't have to worry about changing her on the floor. Her desk was the perfect height to change her at without breaking my back. We still have to find a twin size bed but we have been promised a mattress. I am hoping that we will be able to find a cheap bed that has drawers underneath it, because we really need dresser space. God is going to have to work that out too. I also am going to put my tall table that I have been using for junk in the living room in to storage. In it;s place I am probably going to put up the playpen. I can use that as a changer or a nap spot while we are in the livingroom. Now I just have to get John to take a big trip to the storage unit. I also am hoping to schedule a work night with some friends and family to help me put up some baby proofing hardware and help me clean out my big closet. I also plan on going through Joslyn's toys sometime soon and putting up all the sharp and small toys.

For cravings I have been liking rice and pizza rolls still. Pasta and peas is a normal favorite for me, and I love it still. My last pregnancy I ate guacamole like it is going out of style. But with this pregnancy I haven't craved it and when I have eaten it, it leaves my mouth itchy. I am now able to cook and eat mostly anything that I ate before and I am not having much nausea except for when John is baking something sweet.

Emotionally I am a wrecking ball. I get angry really easily, I cry at the drop of a hat and I am still dealing with slight depression. But don't worry about me. I know that this is all due to the pregnancy and I am starting to see more happy times and I think I have even laughed lately, so things are really looking up. I know that this is God's plan and I know that His plans are always good.

I hope that you guys are having a blessed week and I crave, crave, crave your comments. You wouldn't want to make me cry by not commenting would you?


  1. Well, I won't make you cry! :) I'm very glad to hear that you're feeling better! And that you've got some great people around you helping out! It's amazing how wonderful some people are.

    Rice and pizza rolls! Those are some of Mia's favorite foods! :) The only odd craving I had was peanut butter and mayonaise sandwiches. Gross, I know. Lol. Other than that, it was watermelon and fresh cherries!

    I'm excited to hear what you will be having! I can't wait to hear what you've picked for names! :)

    1. Eww Mayonaise makes me gag, thinking and smelling and saying it, even when I am not pregnant. But watermelon and fresh cherries sound great. I have already picked names but, keeping that a secret for awhile. hehe!

  2. Hey Girlfriend,
    Not to rain on the parade of the friend giving you the used car seat, but was it used as in she was the first owner and knows the history or used as in she got it used? You know that is what I do. I can get you a new convertible car seat for your second seat. Let me know. Either way don't forget to get in touch with me about checking your installation.Office number 271-3430. Talk to you soon!Regina

    1. Regina, it is used as in she used it, not as in she got it used. We will definitely call you when we install the car seat, thanks for your help.

  3. Pregnancy is so hard! But you will be fine, I promise.

    I was so worried about having my second, and was sick for such a long time with baby #2. I wrote a pregnancy journal during that that I think it might be soothing and entertaining for you as it sounds as if you may share some of the thoughts I had then. Please feel free to poke around in the archives there if you'd like.

    Hugs to you and Joslyn and your sweet little bell pepper baby!


    1. I will check it out for sure! Thanks!

  4. Brownie, I'm so glad you're feeling better and that you're feeling positive. I'm proud of you my friend. I have no idea what pregnancy and child rearing are like, but when the time comes, I want to handle it with the strength, the humor and precion that you are taking. You are amazing, Brown! I can't wait to meet Baby J2! :) I love you, Brown!

  5. yea...the second trimester!! congrats!! I think you can also borrow car seats from the hospital b/c they are required by law...we borrowed them and kept the extra one in my husbands car so we didn't have to keep transferring seats.

    1. So glad for the second trimester! So so glad!