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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mary Poppins

Since I plan on home schooling, I am coming up with a list of books that I think Joslyn should read in school. And because I want her to be able to gain knowledge and enjoy reading; she will be required to write a report on most of the required books. Now obviously, there will be books that she will read for fun, but the major classics and some of the most popular books will be on that list. Since I am not a dictator, I will be reading these books first to determine what questions I should ask and if the books are appropriate. A lot of these books I will have her read and then we will watch the movie to determine the differences. I have noticed that many movies that I love are based on books and usually I like the book better. The first book I have chosen is Mary Poppins.

Unlike most of the books that I have read that were turned into movies, I do not like the book of Mary Poppins more than the movie. I believe that the book would have been a totally different experience if I had never seen the movie. The Mary Poppins in the book is so very different. She is 100% more vain then in the movie and it is overwhelming in the book. Also, she is so rude in her responses to the children that it is almost cruel. This destroyed the beautiful, sweet Mary Poppins that I grew to love in the movie. Some of the other characters are very different also and between the first two books that I have read so far, there are many more adventures that show a whole different world in Mary Poppins. I did enjoy the book enough to finish the series. But I almost don't want Joslyn to see the movie until she had read the books.
Now I have some questions for my readers. I need advise on how to have Joslyn do book reports. What questions should I ask that will provoke thought and breakdown of books. Do you guys have any books that you think should be on the lists? And any other tips on helping Joslyn retain important info from books? Thanks guys! Happy Reading! I will keep you updated on the books as I read them.


  1. Book reports, reading the classics! Sounds fun! Have her identify and discuss theme, character development, etc., and to help her bring out these ideas, encourage creative writing on a regular basis (poetry, short stories, personal essays, and even plays, which she can then act out and see the comparisons between writing and acting, like with reading books and seeing the movie.). When you read the books first, follow what you find in the book to lead, and soon you'll be discovering the stories together. The books I would contribute to your list may be more appropriate for when she's a teen, but one of my favorites is Black Beauty unabridged by Anna Sewell. In the late 90s, a beautiful adaptation was produced that complimented the story while still having some differences. Enjoy! This sounds exciting building your reading list and preparing to home school!

  2. Thanks for the advise! I am having a ball putting these lists together. I can't wait to see if she likes the same books as me, or if her tastes differ. I just hope that she has an overwhelming desire to read and escape into books. Black Beauty wasn't on my list. Thanks I will add it right away. Also I think that acting out scenes is a wonderful Idea. Thanks girl!